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How to find a profession for yourself


How to find a profession for yourself</a>

Choosing a profession is as exciting as it is challenging. Some people spend their whole lives searching for their true vocation.

Even if it seems to you that to do what you like and get paid for it, an unattainable dream, it is worth considering, is this really so?

Yes, if you do not know how to sing, then you do not have to be a rock star, but maybe you should take a closer look at the profession of a music columnist or DJ on a rock radio?

If you understand what you really like to do, choosing a profession for yourself will be much easier.

You will need

  • Paper and pen
  • Access to the Internet
  • Tests for career counseling



Ask yourself the following questions: What kind of activities would you be engaged in, even if you were not paid for it? What do you like to do in your free time? Are there things you read about with pleasure and are ready to talk until night? Write down your answers. This will help you to organize your thoughts a little.


Talk to your family, friends, teachersAbout what areas, they think, you are showing certain talents. Ask each of them to name your three talents. Write down all the answers and mark the most popular ones.


Take a few tests on career counseling. Perhaps they will tell you some new ideas.


Think about what is really valuable to you, and what is secondary. If you want to be, first of all, a good family man, then maybe you should not choose Profession, Associated with frequent business trips. If you want more independence and independence, then the profession associated with rigid internal corporate rules and a clear hierarchy, such as the profession of a military pilot, will not suit you. Think about the lifestyle that you want to lead. If you dream of getting out of work exactly on schedule and spending the weekend in your own pleasure, then the work of an emergency doctor with her unregulated shifts is not for you. But dentists rarely have work.


Compare all the answers and find those professions,Which you are really interested in and to which you have talent. Think broadly. If you like fitness, then you can become not only a fitness coach, but also a star of fitness programs, a fitness model, a journalist writing about fitness. If you have some handicraft hobby, then maybe you should get a professional education related to it and create your own business. Make a list of attractive professions for you.


Find online articles related toPerspectives of the chosen professions. Some of them will always be in demand, with any recession in the economy. Others will bring more income, but also involve greater risk. Some will require long years of training and will begin to pay dividends after many years. Are you ready for this? Remember, you have to find a balance between what you are interested in doing and what will bring you income. However, this advice is not ideal. Many experts involved in the issues of self-realization, argue that a truly beloved cause will always bring you a financial profit, sufficient to live happily.


Find online blogs and people's diaries,Who have made a career in your chosen areas of activity. Read what tasks they have to solve every day, what difficulties to face. So did you imagine this work for yourself? Try to get on an excursion or even for an internship in a firm that deals with what you are interested in. Ask friends and relatives if there is a person among their acquaintances who works in an attractive area for you. Ask to arrange a meeting with him and ask questions about his profession. Ask where you better start your career.


Register on job search sites andLook at what requirements headhunters make to people, your chosen profession, what kind of pay for the industry is offered on average, what skills are an advantage, when you are employed in your chosen field.


Try to find an opportunity to look at the chosen one Profession From the inside. If you are attracted to the work of a designer, arrange for the summer courier in an advertising agency. If you want to be a lawyer, work as an assistant secretary in a law firm. If you want to be a veterinarian, go to a veterinary clinic as a volunteer.


After completing all the studies, strike outList of those professions that, upon closer examination, were not so attractive, do not meet your requirements for self-fulfillment, ethical standards, lifestyle and can not meet your financial needs. Remember that your task was to shorten this list to one case, to which you would undoubtedly like to devote a part of your life.

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