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How to find a car

How to find a car

With all the variety and the number of machinesthe Russian market is not always possible to find a car according to your taste and financial possibilities. For a combination of 'brand, price and quality, "many of our compatriots go abroad.

Most often in Germany.

You will need

  • You will need:
  • - the Internet-
  • - International driving udostoverenie-
  • - Currency banking card-
  • - Visa.



Automotive market in Germany offersmotorists constant and a wide selection of used and new cars. The greatest demand is for machines that were in use - they are in good condition, and significantly lower in price. Having made the decision to go after the car in Germany you need to make a few steps.


Stock up on driver's license of the international sample, as in the Russian identity abroad are not walking.


Arrange bank currency card, put it amount covering the cost of the car, travel expenses, hotel, meals and add a little more in case of unforeseen expenses.


Through the Internet, find a big carmarket. The biggest automobile market, not only in Germany but also in Europe, is the auto market in the city of Essen. Go to the website and pick up the car market for several cars. Please contact their owners, ask questions and make an appointment beforehand.


You get a German visa at the nearest Embassy / Consulate of Germany.


Once home, select the route that you willto overtake the car, if necessary, adjust the navigator. The two most popular routes are "on the ground" through Poland and Belarus, or "on the water" ferry Rostock - St. Petersburg. Choosing the route immediately specify where along the way there are hotels and filling.


The auto market in Germany during the inspection of selectedmachines not in a hurry and ask as many questions as possible - you have come a long way and make a mistake with the purchase would be a shame. Do not hesitate to bargain. Seller will issue itself all the necessary documents, and you can begin the journey home.


In Russia, the state duty payment and put the car on account of the traffic police.

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