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How to find a bride for breeding German Shepherd

How to find a bride

If you are a responsible and conscientious owner of thoroughbred dogs already at the stage of acquiring a puppy, you should know that from time to time the animal will need to knit.

This is necessary for breeding, and for himself a dog, because the instinct of reproduction has not been canceled.

If you have a male German shepherd, to two years it can become quite eligible bachelor, and you will need to resolve the issue with the bride for him.

Where to find a suitable bride

In fact, you as the owner of a dog, you canonly to offer it as a producer - the future fathers puppy owners choose females who are interested to have puppies and gentility, and healthy. In that case, when you have a German Shepherd with a good pedigree, your chances will increase considerably if you participate with your pet in exhibitions, and some medals he already will be.
To begin with, you can contact your Zooklub,where you've got a dog, or if he is far away from the place where you live, in any kennel club nearby. Expert consultants and professional dog handlers will make inspection and give an opinion about your potential suitors and would recommend it to owners mating females, refer the matter to the club.
Participating in exhibitions, even in the puppy,to acquire familiarity with the prospective brides and their hosts. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted in advance and estimate the exterior pair, without spending money on advertising then. Be sure to exchange business cards with the owners liked you and your dog brides.
To find the brides perfectly online,that even people use for this purpose. The greater the number of views and, accordingly, the proposals provide the usual popular sites, rather than specialized canine portals. The main thing - to put this ad in the right column. And do not forget to provide him with a spectacular photo and description of your pet's merits. In the description enter the birth date, the presence of the pedigree and exhibition awards.
By the way, to find a bride for the German Shepherd easierit's a service dog, and you and your dog will surely visit taming course. Personal acquaintance can be fastened on a normal walk, because the owners of dogs, especially if they are the same breed, reluctant to touch, not to mention the dogs themselves.

How to prepare your dog for mating

Even if you are constantly taking care of healthyour dog and are confident that he is no ill, viscous before it should be given a thorough veterinary examination. The same procedure will take place and the bride. Both dogs will also have to pass tests and obtain proof of their health and readiness for mating reference. Spend deworming - this is also a prerequisite.
Decide with the owner of the bitch of payment issues. It is usually verbal agreement is enough, but you can confirm them by signing the agreement, which stipulate all the moments and details.

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