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How to fill the water tank

decorated Aquarium

An excellent interior decoration can be a tank.

But we must remember that the aquarium - this is not a picture of him and require complete care.

In addition, it is necessary to run correctly.

How to fill the water tank

how to run a fish into a new aquarium
Before fill the aquarium water, itmust be washed. This is followed by falling asleep at the bottom of the aquarium, the washed soil. If the soil is not purchased and assembled his own hands in nature, it should be boiled. The soil is desirable to lay at an angle, so that the back wall of the aquarium it was a little more.
Once laid the ground (substrateplants) tank is filled with water at 5-10 cm, depending on its volume. The water does not need to be boiled, but if you have a household filter, it is desirable to use. When this is filled with water should be cool, as it contains a minimum amount of chlorine and other chemicals. In order not to damage the soil laid on the bottom of the aquarium need to put a saucer upside down and pour water on it in a thin stream.
Then we proceed to the design of the aquarium - laidstones, driftwood sculpture, plant the plants. When registration is complete, water is added to the end on the same dish. Fill the aquarium need to 5 cm. From the edge.

The optimum temperature of water poured into the tank for the most popular fish should not exceed 28 degrees.

Starting an aquarium

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You can not run the fish in the aquarium when itfilling. Between these processes it must be at least a week, preferably two weeks. If you do not have in the aquarium of live plants, then this time will be about a month. It is necessary to ensure that bred in the water needed for the normal functioning of fish microorganisms.
When you run the fish of other organisms (snail,shrimp, crab) to be considered for optimum temperature control them. Bearing in mind that the cool water is poured, for heat-loving fish it is necessary to heat a special aquarium heater. In addition, for those who love the cool water fish - cool it is not specifically required.

State water

as the glue tank
The aquarist should always monitor the statethe water in the aquarium - for its total hydrochemistry and especially the content of oxygen in it. All indicators of water, including the temperature, should meet the requirements therein are organisms. At the same time to maintain optimal performance of water in the water tank periodically required to substitute either partially or fully, depending on its size. Also need any aquarium filter.

Indicators aquarium hydrochemistry - oxidation, hardness, concentration of oxygen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, ammonium ions, nitrates and nitrates.

If the right to pour into the aquarium water, run it properly and monitor the status of water in it, it will last for many years.

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