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How to fill the printer Catridge

With a little practice - and you will change the cartridge quickly and easily

Despite the fact that modern laser printershave a very long life, working long after refueling and can print from 500,000 to 1,000,000 printed pages, it is still occasionally necessary to change kartridzh.Esli you have not had to do that, you will be interested in several of the recommendations.

You will need

  • new toner and stiff brush



Remove the cartridge from the printer. Typically, the cartridge consists of two parts interconnected by snap or locking inserts. Before refilling the cartridge, disconnect the halves.
If your cartridge refers to the HP S3903A, HP type92274A or E16, the new toner therein is a cross-hole into which is filled a new powder. Better to do it in small portions, in order to distribute the toner cartridge along the entire length. The plug should not be removed in this case.


Clean the tank and cartridge components from residuesWaste powder. To do this, carefully remove the photosensitive drum. Drum find easy? he is sure to be a color, blue or pink.


Then, rather stiff brush, clean the gear from the remnants of caked toner.


Pour in the new powder cartridge.


Once you have successfully cleaned and refueled cartridge with a new cartridge, assemble it in reverse order, and insert it into the printer.

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