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How to refill the printer cartridge

A little practice - and you will change the cartridge easily and quickly</a>

Despite the fact that modern laser printersHave a very large resource, work after refueling for a long time and are able to print from 500,000 to 1,000,000 printed sheets, you still have to change the cartridge from time to time. If you have not had to do this, you will be interested in several recommendations.

You will need

  • New toner and hard brush



Remove the cartridge from the printer. Usually the cartridge consists of two parts, connected together by snaps or locking inserts. Disconnect these halves before refilling the cartridge.
If your cartridge is of the HP C3903A type, HP92274A or E16, the new toner in it will be a transverse hole into which a new powder is covered. It is better to do this in small portions, in order to distribute the toner along the entire length of the cartridge. Cork in this case is not necessary to remove.


Clean the hopper and cartridge components from debrisOf the spent powder. To do this, carefully remove the photosensitive drum. Is the drum easy to find? It will necessarily be colored, blue or pink.


Then, preferably with a stiff brush, clean the gears of the remnants of the caked toner.


Pour a new powder into the cartridge.


After you have successfully cleaned and refilled the cartridge with the new toner, assemble it in the reverse order and insert it into the printer.

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