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How to fill the manual typewriter

In an old manual typewriter - its advantages

Hand sewing machines are still verypopular. This is understandable: some of the older machines can sew these fabrics that are "too tough" more delicate and less versatile modern typewriter.

But the hand-held machines has its own characteristics that must be considered in the work.

And above all, you must learn how to fill it.

You will need

  • Sewing machine
  • Spool of thread
  • Shuttle
  • Spool



Prepare the bobbin. Better wound on her thread at once, so you do not get distracted. Wind the thread by hand or by using the same machine, insert the bobbin into the shuttle so that the thread direction coincided with the direction of the slot. The shuttle into the hook can be inserted at once, so as not to get lost and do not interfere.


Place the spool on the top pin. On some older typewriters two pins on the body of the machine, so you need one that is closer to the flywheel. Unwind end of the thread 20 centimeters Raise the foot machine and put it in the highest position.


The thread from the spool to the topthread guide - it's such a small recess in the wall of the car, which is on your left. It is a circular or triangular shape with a slot. Enter the thread in the needle thread tension control - a special device in the same wall of the machine, consisting of several metal washers. The thread between the washers. The regulator is necessary to round the bottom. From the controller side, which is closer to you, you will see the hook, which is called thread-guide. Get it thread.


The thread in the spring-loaded, which is located on the rear wall closer to you. On some machines mozhdelyah this springs not, then just keep a thread in the hole nitepritagivatelya.


Pass the thread in the lower thread guide. At more or less modern typewriters of the thread guide can be two on the very old - maybe only kryuchochek on the needle holder. Get to the thread, then it Thread the eye of the needle in the side grooves.


Pull the lower thread in the same way as for anyother machine - lifting the foot and lowering the needle holder with the needle down. Adjust the tension of the upper and lower thread. It is recommended to take any shred and try to sew in different modes, tightening the screw of the upper thread tension adjuster and changing the stitch length using a special foot, which is located on the side panel.

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