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Owning a printer is well familiar with the situation,when during printing important documents or photos unexpectedly cartridge ends. not always run to the store there is a possibility, and keep the house a large supply of cartridges is not the answer.

You can fill the cartridge!



All inkjet printers, or rather their cartridges,They can be tucked special ink, after the ink is tucked into them at the factory. And they can be refilled, and even necessary, as it is much cheaper than buying a new cartridge, and print quality will not be affected, of course, if you bought a high-quality ink. However, the cost of the most expensive ink for refueling will be several times lower than the cost of an original cartridge. So the choice is obvious.
Design features of each cartridgemay be different, but the principle and mechanism of refilling them with ink, will remain unchanged. Therefore, let us consider the basic principle of refilling inkjet cartridges.


First of all, it is necessary to go to the store whereselling computer equipment and accessories for her to buy ink for your inkjet printer. By purchasing the necessary inks, which are a set of three syringes of different colors (in some cases it may be tubes of ink and syringes for refilling), you can begin to fill up.


Opening the lid of the printer, remove the cartridge,put it on a napkin and peel off the sticker which is located at the top of the cartridge. Under the label you'll find three holes, internal color which is different from each other, so that confuse the color you do not succeed. In any case, you can ensure the correct action, refer to the instructions supplied with the ink set. These holes should be very slowly pour the right color ink? usually no more than 2 ml in each hole, seal the hole sticker, and give a cartridge stand for a few minutes. Then you need to remove drops of ink from the bottom of the cartridge and insert the cartridge into place.


The final step will be the launch of cartridges cleaning program, which is part of the software for your printer model.

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