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How to refill a hp printer cartridge

How to refill a hp printer cartridge</a>

If you own an inkjet printer,For you it's not a secret that the resource cartridge, to put it mildly, very tiny. What is 200-250 pages of A-4 format, not to mention photo printing, when the cartridge is missing at best 50-60 standard photo cards?

Meanwhile, the prices for new cartridges are simply sky-high.

If the ink in your printer is out, do not rush to the store for the next printing element.

You will need

  • Empty cartridge, compatible ink, a syringe in the volume of 5-10 milliliters, rubber gloves, napkins.



Place the cartridge with the nozzles facing down. Carefully peel off the protective sticker. Under the label you will find five holes. Important is only the hole that is located in the middle.


Type in a syringe compatible with your printerElement of ink. If the cartridge is completely emptied, you need 5 milliliters of pigment. Carefully begin to insert the needle into the middle hole, strictly vertically. During the introduction, you will feel a little resistance, it's absolutely normal. After the needle has rested, in any case do not continue to push it with force, otherwise you risk damaging the filter element, which is located on the bottom of the cartridge. Now lift the needle up slightly.


Start slowly entering ink. The slower you do it, the better. Then gently remove the needle from the print element and glue the old sticker into place.


Place the cartridge on a damp cloth for 10Minutes, then gently wipe the printing surface with a soft cloth. The cartridge is refilled! Before starting printing, follow the procedures for cleaning and aligning the cartridge with your printer's standard software.

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