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How to fill Catridge for Epson

How to fill Catridge for Epson

Cartridge virtually any model of inkjet printer can be charged independently.

They are no exception and cartridges for Epson printer company.

The complexity of the refueling depends on the particular model of printer. But despite this, it is better to fill the cartridge instead of buying new every time you run out of ink.

This is especially true in cases where the color ink refill cartridges, because it is much more expensive than black.

You will need

  • - Printer Epson-
  • - kartridzh-
  • - chernila-
  • - A syringe.



Before you begin, you need to purchaseink. The paint is necessary to take it for your cartridge model. If you are going to refill the color ink, depending on the model, you will need to take a few different colors.


To start, prepare a place for replacement refillscartridge. Spread the surface with oilcloth or several newspapers. Even if you refill the cartridge very carefully, you can still shed some ink. Also, if you do not want to get his hands dirty, you can use, for example, medical gloves, as the ink is very badly washed.


Turn on the printer and open the cover. Wait for the carriage to the printhead snaps in a static position. Remove the cartridge from the print head. Depending on the model, the clips that hold the cartridge can be different.


Typically, the holes through which you can fillcartridge under the top label. It needs to be removed. Each hole is intended for a particular color. Now type the paint into a syringe with a needle. Then insert the syringe all the way to the paint in the hole. Slowly pour the ink into the cartridge. So tuck all cartridges. After the procedure, you will need to seal the hole again.


You can use the label youpreviously removed. But it is also the label may be replaced by a conventional adhesive tape. Before you install the printer color cartridge, you need to shake it a few times. Install the cartridge back into the print head.

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