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How to fill out the form No. 1-tr vehicle year


How to fill out the form No. 1-tr vehicle year</a>

Form 1-TR (motor transport) - a year must represent all legal entities that use the farm vehicles, whether it's own or leased / leased.

If an enterprise has an automobile road on its balance sheet, it also represents this form.

You will need

  • Form 1-TR (motor transport) - year



On the title page of the form, the organization stamps its name (full and short), as well as the postal address, including the index. The OKPO code is indicated in the bottom of the page.


In section 1.1 all reporting enterprises indicate data on the availability of own rolling stock at the end of the year. The account is subject to cars of all types, brands, models and their modifications, regardless of the technical condition and location of vehicles. Separate lines are intended for the bookkeeping of trucks depending on the carrying capacity and type of fuel used - passenger buses depending on the type of fuel-passenger cars-pick-up trucks and passenger van trailers and semi-trailers, as well as special vehicles, which include vehicles equipped with special equipment For a purpose other than the carriage of goods or passengers (for example, fire trucks, hearses, cars for collection, etc.). Almost for all modes of transport, the total number and number of technically sound vehicles, that is, those not under repair and not intended for write-off, as well as the general cargo / passenger capacity and the equipment for satellite navigation (GLONASS / GPS), are indicated.


Section 1.2 is intended for information about cars leased or leased. Separate graphs are allocated for transport leased out and transport leased. Both tenants and landlords indicate the total number of relevant units of transport and their carrying capacity / passenger capacity, separately allocating the number of cars leased (leased) from individuals. All information is indicated separately for different modes of transport. They are listed in the form.


In section 1.3 indicates information about the use in the work of all vehicles, both own and leased. The indicator "car-day" is used. For the line "Staying at the disposal of the enterprise", this indicator is calculated by summing up all the calendar days of stay at the enterprise of each individual car during the reporting year. For the line "Staying Cars in Work", car days are determined by summing up the number of cars issued per line for each day of the reporting year.


Section 2 lists the number of ownCars (separately freight, passenger and passenger), depending on the period of their stay in service, counting from the moment of release by the manufacturer.


In section 3.1 all reporting organizations indicate data on the work of trucks: how much cargo was transported, total freight turnover and mileage. The indicators of work carried out on a commercial basis are singled out separately for a third-party customer. Information on the transport of goods and freight turnover is presented irrespective of whether this activity is for the company basic or not. Only transportations on public roads are considered, so-called technological transportations (inside the territory of the facility) are accounted for.


Section 3.2 specifies the passenger turnover, the number of passengers transported and the mileage of passenger transport, if such activity was organized by the organization.


Section 4 is allocated to financial indicators,Here the income and expenses of the enterprise from the operation of the motor transport are indicated, separately for each species group. The income from leasing (leasing) is not considered income from exploitation.


Finally, section 5 is completed by organizations that haveOn the balance of the road. The total length of the roads is indicated at the beginning and at the end of the year, the length of the roads with a hard surface and an improved covering is separately allocated.


Form 1-TR (motor transport) - the year is certified by the signature of the person responsible for providing statistical reporting. Usually it is the head of the enterprise.

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