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HOW I fill out a form for a Schengen visa

How to fill out a form for a Schengen visa

Visa center of any country included in the Schengen area, may refuse to grant a visa if the application form for a filled incorrectly or contain incorrect information.



Download the application for a Schengen visathe official website of the Embassy of the country where you are going to go. Profiles usually provided in PDF format, they may be filled on a computer or by hand in legible handwriting on the printed form. Write in English. It is allowed to fill the application in the language of the country in whose embassy you intend to take the documents to obtain a visa.


Write your name, surname and any previousnames, if they were replaced, as they are registered in the passport. If you do not know how to spell the name of the previous use letters corresponding to its sound. Please fill in the date and place of your birth. If you were born before 1991, in question 6, "Country of birth» (Country of birth) post Soviet Union or USSR.


Give answers to questions 7-18 relating to yournationality, sex and marital status and place of residence, in questions 8 and 9 tick enough. In response to question 10 give only a minor, you must specify the name and address of a parent or guardian. Question 11 requires specifying an identification number given to the country of residence, can be put in this box blank. Questions 11-16 refer to your passport, write off all of the data from there. In the 17th issue of email address, phone number and e-mail. In the eighteenth issue, specify the country in which you reside permanently.


Specify in questions 19-20 about the place of work, position. Write to the organizational and legal structure of the enterprise in the LLP format (LLC), PLC (JSC), LTD (UAB).


Prove your questions 21-32 detailstravels. In question 26, specify the terms of the Schengen visas in the past 3 years from later to earlier. The 31 question email address and the name of the hotel or the name of a private individual, where you want to stay. If your trip is related to the business in question 32, specify the name of the host company. In question 33, concerning financial support of the trip, put a tick in the appropriate cells.


Questions 34 and 35 deal with relatives,residing in the territory of the EU. In the matter of 36 set the date and place of completion. On the question 37 put signature. On the last page at the bottom once again sign it. Make sure to suit your painting stroke of the passport.

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