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How to fill out a form for obtaining a Schengen visa


How to fill out a form for obtaining a Schengen visa</a>

The visa center of any state entering the Schengen area can refuse to grant a visa if the application form is filled incorrectly or contains inaccurate information.



Download the Schengen visa application formThe official website of the Embassy of the country where you are going to go. Usually the questionnaires are provided in PDF format, they can be filled on the computer or handwritten in a legible handwriting on a printed form. Write in English. It is possible to fill out an application in the language of the country in whose Embassy you intend to submit documents for obtaining a visa.


Write your name, surname and all previousSurnames, if they were changed, as they are registered in a foreign passport. If you do not know how to write down the previous surname, use Latin letters corresponding to its sound. Fill in the boxes for the date and place of your birth. If you were born before 1991, in question 6 "Country of birth" write Soviet Union or USSR.


Answer the questions 7-18 concerning yourCitizenship, gender and marital status and place of residence, in questions 8 and 9 it is enough to tick. In question 10, only minors answer, it is necessary to indicate the name, surname and address of the parent or guardian. Question 11 requires the indication of the identification number assigned in the country of residence, you can put a dash in this cell. Questions 11-16 concern your passport, write down all the data from there. In 17 question write the address, phone and e-mail. In the eighteenth question, indicate in which country you live permanently.


Point out in questions 19-20 information about the place of work, position. Write the organizational and legal structure of the enterprise in the format of LLP (LLC), PLC (OJSC), LTD (CJSC).


Describe in the questions 21-32 the details of yourtravels. In question 26, indicate the terms for granting Schengen visas for the last 3 years from later to early. In question 31, write down the address and name of the hotel or the name of the private person where you plan to stay. If your trip is connected with business, indicate in question 32 the name of the inviting company. In question 33, concerning the financial security of the trip, tick the appropriate boxes.


Questions 34 and 35 concern relatives,Living in the territory of the EU. In question 36, put the date and place of filling. In question 37, sign. On the last sheet below, sign again. Make sure that the painting matches your stroke in the passport.

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