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How to fill out an application for transfer

How to fill out an application for transfer

At present, enterprises oftenreleased position, which is characterized by high wages and big responsibility. To organize the best option would be to transfer a trusted employee to a vacant position, than to receive a new employee.

Old specialist is familiar with the job responsibilities and good with them could have done it.

You will need

  • forms of the relevant documents, details of the organization, the company's printing pen.



If the vacant workplace claims employee of the same organization, it is necessary to write statement the transfer. It is written in the name of the first person of the company. The header indicates the application position of the head, his name and initials and the abbreviated name of the company in accordance with the constituent documents. Then, the position of the applicant's written, which he currently occupies, his surname, first name and patronymic.


After the title of the document, which is located atcenter of the sheet, the employee enter the contents of the statement, which expresses its request to transfer him to this position, having the vacant character at a specified date.


In the lower right corner of the application worker puts his signature and the date of writing the application.


Head of Department inwhich appeared vacant post, he wrote to the director of a memorandum, in which he asks to transfer the employee to a vacant position and justifies this translation. It specifies the name, surname, patronymic specialist, his professional achievements, educational status.


Application for transfer and memosent to the Director of the enterprise resolution. Then the employee is an agreement to the labor contract, which fit changing job responsibilities, the employee rights. The document is signed bilaterally.


If the vacant position with an employee claimsanother organization, it needs to receive a written notice from the company about the possibility of transfer. With the company where he works at the moment, he must resign by writing statement the dismissal in connection with transfer to another company.


New employer enters into with the employeeemployment contract based on the application for admission to the post. The agreement excluded the item on the establishment of the probationary period. Thus, a new job a citizen is taken on a common basis, as prescribed in the Labour Code.

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