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How to fill out an advance report


How to fill out an advance report</a>

An employee who received money for business tripsExpenses, the purchase of inventory or for other needs, must report on the amounts spent by him before the accounts department of his enterprise.

To do this, it is necessary to fill out an advance report (Uniform Form No. AO-1) and attach to it all documents that will confirm the expenses incurred.



Filling in the advance report begins with the frontSide. Write the name of your organization in the top line. Specify the date of the report, but do not specify the number, this field will be filled by the accountant. Below specify the structural unit to which you relate, the name and initials, as well as your position. Write down the purpose of the advance, for example, "Travel expenses",? Household needs? etc.
In the left column, specify the remainder of the reportingFunds that you had before receiving a new advance (or overrun if it was). Below specify the amount (or several amounts, if they were received and through the cashier, and through the bank), received under the report. Fill in the "Total received" line, indicating the total amount you received the subaccount.


After that you need to fill in an advance reportOn the reverse side. List all documents with which you are going to confirm all expenses incurred by filling in columns for each document from the first to the sixth.
Enter the document's serial number. Specify the date and number that are indicated on the document itself. Enter the name of the document (for example, a sales receipt, a receipt, a receipt, etc.). Specify the amount (in rubles or currency) specified in the document. Add up all the amounts and write down the result in the row "Total". Put down your signature and its transcript below.


Then go back to filling the faceSide. Write in line? Spent? The amount you specified on the line? Total? On the reverse side. Enter the amount of the balance (or overspending) that you have left. Below write down the number of documents attached to the advance report, as well as indicate the total number of sheets of these documents.


All other lines you do not need to fill in, they will be filled in by the accountant and the cashier (if you return the balance to the cashier).
After you submit the report to the accounting department,The accountant will be obliged to issue you a receipt that must be kept. With this receipt you can always confirm that you have reported for the money given to you, in case there are any misunderstandings.

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