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How to fill in a tax return on personal income

How to fill in a tax return on personal income

Filling the declaration form 3NDFL requires maximum attention.

Corrections in the document are not allowed and the order of its filling is strictly regulated. For example, when filling out the form by hand all the letters should be printed and capital.

In the case of the slightest deviation from the rules of filling, the declaration will not be accepted.

You will need

  • - Form deklaratsii-
  • - Computer and printer or avtoruchka-
  • - Help 2NDFL and other payment and settlement documents proving income and payment of taxes from them.



The source of data for inclusion in the declaration provide help in the form 2NDFL and other payment and settlement documents confirming the amount of income and paid taxes from them.


At the top of each page you need to put down Inn,surname and initials of taxpayer capital letters. However, individuals who do not have the status of an individual entrepreneur may INN not indicate to the SP is required.


All monetary amounts, except for income from abroad inforeign currency, are written in rubles. Foreign exchange earnings or expenses are written in your own currency and are translated into rubles at the exchange rate on the day of receipt or written off.


Each contributed in declaration character (letter or number) should correspond to one cell.
Exception - fractions, decimals, and the amountmoney. All fields are designated for a particular component are filled from left to right, starting at the left kletochki.Esli filled cells smaller than letters or numbers in the index, the extra cells to the right are filled with dashes. Dashes are placed in all the cells, if the designated index field to write nothing. A special case - OKATO code. If the figures in it is smaller than the cells in the retracted his field, it is necessary to fill in extra nulyami.Eto applies to fractional values. For example, a 1/3 share in the apartment is written to the field in which a portion of each fraction set aside for the three cells, as follows:. "1/3" The whole part is written in the box to the left of the slash, or if the decimal fraction, the point and the fractional - right. Similarly recorded amounts: on the left of the point in total units (for example, Russian rubles) to the right - in their parts (penny, cents, etc).


All dates are written in the "dd.mm.yyyy" format in the left cell of the fields for the date and the month is put zero if necessary.


Tax amounts are written in whole rubles without cents, rounded in accordance with the rules of arithmetic: to 49 kopecks, inclusive downwards, from 50 to 99 - to the whole of the ruble in most.


Finished declaration print in Courier New font height of 16-18 points. When affixing sheets make sure to stepplerom, punch or needle are not damaged bar codes on the form and made to declaration intelligence.


At the bottom of each page should be filled with sign and date the words "The reliability and completeness of the information given on this page, confirm."

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