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How to fill in a questionnaire on loan from Sberbank

How to fill out a questionnaire on the Sberbank loan

If you decide to take out a bank loan, you will certainly be faced with filling the credit profiles.

To approach this should be responsible, because the provision of the loan depends on how correctly you have filled in the questionnaire.



Download and print the form from the website Sberbank of the relevant section of considering your needs. This can be done here - http://www.sbrf.ru/moscow/ru/person/credits/. Get a love you can and in the department Sberbank In your city.


Specify only the correct information. If the bank can prove that you are in the very low lying, the chance of getting creditand fall. Be careful to fill in the questionnaire as fully as possible. Do not forget to mention expensive property in the relevant fields of the questionnaire, but keep in mind the rights to this property as the Bank may require documents proving your rights. The values ​​that belong to your family, are not your property.


Include as much contact information as possible. Then the bank will be easier to verify the application and decide to grant credita.


If you have a person who can be your guarantor, enter it as such. This will increase your chances of getting credita. Also tell your leadership of intent to take creditAs the bank may contact your place of work. Agree to provide data on credite register creditGOVERNMENTAL stories. For the bank, it will be an additional proof of your solvency.


After filling the form, take it to the department Sberbank and attach other documents, expect the bank's decision.

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