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How to fill out a questionnaire for the Italian Embassy


How to fill out a questionnaire for the Italian Embassy</a>

Change the situation, admire the picturesFamous artists in famous museums, delicious food on a busy street, and just stroll through the narrow streets - all this can and should be done in Italy.

But in order to visit this country, you need to fill out a questionnaire and issue your visa documents.

You will need

  • - international passport-
  • - the photo-
  • - glue-
  • - blue or black handle.



Before you start filling out the questionnaire,Make sure that you have the opportunity to collect all the documents for a visa, without which you will not be allowed to go to Italy. You will need a passport, a certificate from work or study, tickets, hotel reservation, insurance for the duration of stay, 2 photos 3,5x4,5, a copy of the internal passport, a certificate from the personal account or other financial guarantees and a completed application form. Find out more about the required documents on the embassy's website.


Study all fields of the questionnaire before proceedingIts filling, also prepare in advance several copies - to make mistakes and blots is not recommended. To fill out the questionnaire, choose the method that suits you best. Download the application form on the embassy's website and fill it out using a computer or print out the questionnaire and fill it out by hand. Take the passport and proceed to filling out the questionnaire, in the special fields, indicate your name, name, year and place of birth, then specify the passport data.


Fields marked with an asterisk fill inMandatory order. In the special box, indicate the details of your parents, children and spouse. Enter information about your place of work or study, your home address. Next, specify the address and phone number of the hotel where you will stay. In the latest special column, sign and put a number. Then check to see if you filled out the questionnaire correctly. After that, glue one photo in the upper right corner. With a completed application form and with a full set of documents, go to the embassy</a> Or in the visa center, do not forget to make an appointment.

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