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How to fill out a power of attorney

How to fill out a power of attorney

Power of Attorney for the right to prescribe the usetransport companies for presentations in government to obtain money from a client for services rendered, to obtain wealth from the supplier.

But they all have common rules for the filling.



Power of attorney to fill in paper orelectronically. At the same time they must be recorded in the log book of issued warrants, which strung together, numbered and sealed by the company.


Specify the name of your organization, of Enterprise, bank details, legal address in the box? Name of the payer ?.


Power of attorney assigns a serial number and put the date of its issuance.


Be sure to write the validity of the power of attorney.


To correctly fill out a power of attorney, you must accurately indicate the name of the service provider or product, its legal address.


Enter the last name, first name and title of officer, whose name is given power of attorney, in the dative and specify the passport data.


On the reverse side proxy, selectlist of received cash or tangible assets, and their number. Write always with a capital letter, since the beginning of lines, words. In order to prevent additions to the space put a dash.


Sign the authorization in the company head and chief accountant, put the seal on the middle section line authorization and spine.


Give the person a power of attorney under the painting, whose name she was discharged. The signature is placed at the very power of attorney and in the log of its receipt.


On the back fill in the required date and authorization number, expiration date, name and patronymic of the person to whom the power of attorney was discharged, his signature, the name of the supplier.


It is necessary to fill out a power of attorney and give it to the supplier by proxy, and keep the spine and attached to the log book.


In case of return of proxies for the expiry, you must store them in the reporting year. Then, destroy and make the appropriate act.


Contact your service provider and product authorization, together with the documents on their vacation, shall be in accounting.


Avoid patches when prescribing authorization.

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