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How to fill in the personal employee card

1st page of the form Wm-2

Despite the fact that from January 1, 2013 formprimary accounting documents contained in the release of unified forms of primary records, are not required to use, in practice they continue to actively use.

It is not in this exception and unified form Wm-2 "Personal employee card" procedure for filling that we consider in this article.



Fill in the "cap" unified form:
1) specify the organization code OKPO (thisinformation can be obtained from the Information letter of Rosstat registered in Statregistre or alert of the territorial body of the Federal State Statistics Service, the organization issued) -
2) shall bear the date of the (identical to the date of the order (instruction) on the receiving employee to work) -
3) assign the employee personnel number (eg 01, 010, 253, etc). -
4) to submit information on the VAT and issue the insurance certificate of state pension strahovaniya-
5) "Letters" column, indicate the first letter of the surname rabotnika-
6) in the column "Kind of work" refers to permanently or temporarily enacted rabotnik-
7) in the column "Type of work" refers to the primary if it is for an employee or work functions in the organization, he carries on sovmestitelstvu-
8) "Sex" column marked with the word sex worker: male or female.

2nd page of the form Wm-2


Fill in section 1. "General information":
1) shall bear the number of the employment contract and the date of its zaklyucheniya-
2) specify the data name rabotnika-
3) indicate the date of birth, be filled in two ways (verbal and alphanumeric) -
4) indicate the place of birth, according to the passport or other identity document and affix the appropriate code OKATO) -
5) specify the nationality of the data entity, including, and by putting on OKIN- code
6) to submit information on the degree of knowledge a personcertain foreign language ( "read and translate with a dictionary", "reading and can be explained", "fluent"), including, and by putting the appropriate code for OKIN-
7) indicate the data on employee education (education level, the name of the institution, qualification, graduation year, etc.), including with all necessary kodov-
8) to make data work profession, indicating her OKPDTR- code
9) indicate the length of the employee on the date of signing the employment contract, with the indication of its individual living species
10) specify the information that is there (was) a worker in a marriage or not, including by putting OKIN- code
11) to submit information on family composition (often indicated only such persons as: mother, father, husband, wife, son, daughter, brother or sister) -
12) strictly in accordance with the passport employee makes the necessary data from this document (series, number, issuing authority and date of issue) -
13) indicate the address of the place of residence in the passport and the actual, not forgetting about postal indeksah-
14) marks the date of registration of residence and a contact phone number where you can contact the employee.

3rd page of the form Wm-2


Fill in section 2. "DATA ON military account," according to the military card (temporary identity document issued in return) or the identity of the citizen to be called up for military service:
1) affixed reserve category (this item is not filled in for reserve officers) -
2) specify the rank of the employee, or write the phrase "subject to appeal" -
3) indicate the composition (profile) - "team", "soldiers", etc.-
4) complete code designation stamped IGC, which may be digital or alphanumeric tsifrovym-
5) specify the category shelf for military service (from "A" to "G") -
6) indicate the name of the military commissariat of the place zhitelstva-
7) if the person is at a general or special military registration, specify this information in pencil.

At the end of the second page of the form a unified,requires signature of personnel service, with its transcript, and indicating the position, as well as the signature of the employee, which is affixed below the filling date.

4th page of the form Wm-2


Fill in sections 3 to 10 of the unifiedform, procedure of entering information into which depends on the employment of a particular employee in a particular organization, and discussed in more detail in specialized publications, such as:
"PERSONAL CARD: design issues." A Practical Guide. Izd.2 th - Volgograd: Consulting company "Strategy". - 65.


In the event of termination of the employment contract,must complete section 11.Osnovanie termination of employment (dismissal) to point to the wording, which should correspond to the statement of grounds for termination of the employment contract contained in the order (instructions) on the termination of an employment contract with a link to the article (paragraph of the article) of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.
Then, put down information about the date of dismissal and the order on the basis of which it was made.
And finally, at the bottom of the page again, the signature of the employee's personnel department, with full name and indicating the position, as well as the signature of the employee.

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