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How to fill in the declaration for social deduction


How to fill in the declaration for social deduction</a>

The right to a social tax deduction arises from everyone who engages in charity-pays for education-bears the costs associated with treatment or pensions.

To obtain the right to a deduction, it is necessary to apply to the tax authority at your place of residence by enclosing a set of documents to the completed declaration in the form of 3-NDFL.

You will need

  • - computer with access to the Internet-
  • - calculator-
  • - the program "Declaration" from the official site of the Federal Tax Service of Russia (http://nalog.ru/).



Download the "Declaration" program (2008, 2009 or2010) on the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia (http://nalog.ru/). This service is provided free of charge. In the current year you can file tax returns of 3-NDFL for the three previous years. Before completing the forms, prepare a certificate of income received in the form of 2-NDFL for the relevant year, the contract you made with the educational or medical institution, receipts for payment of services.


Run the program. In the opened window of the "Assign conditions" tab, fill in all blank lines and go to the tab "Information on the declarant". Fill the form is simple enough, hover over any icon, and you will see pop-up hints specially provided by the program. Specify in the lines all required information about yourself, and then click on the "Incomes received in the RF" tab. Here you need the same certificate form 2-NDFL, on the basis of which fill all the necessary lines of the tab, indicating the sources of payments, and incomes for the months of the accrual.


On the next tab "Deductions", specify the standardTax deductions that you are entitled to, according to the certificate form 2-NDFL. In the same window, by clicking on the icon (a square with a red flag) and, going to another page, put a "check box" in the row "Provide social tax deductions". Fill in the required lines, indicating the amounts you spent on treatment, training, etc., according to agreements with institutions and receipts for payment of services. Click the "Preview" tab in the top line of the program window and all the completed pages of the 3-NDFL declaration form will be opened for verification.

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