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How to make a declaration on the return of the study

How to make a declaration on the return of the study

In order to receive a refund of 13% of the amount paid for tuition, the student must complete the declaration. Its form is approved by law.

The "Declaration" each fiscal year change, so it needs to be updated.

The declaration applied a number of documents, without which it is impossible to fill it.

You will need

  • program "Declaration", a reference 2-PIT employment, pen, receipt of payment, identification document.



Declaration type to return for trainingIt corresponds to a 3-PIT, the number of tax inspection - at the place of residence, filling her face. An indication of the taxpayer for the student is the item "other individual", and the income from which the citizen pays tax on personal income, supported by a certificate from the place of his work in the form of 2-PIT. The authenticity is confirmed in person or by his representative. And you need to make for the representative's name, first name and name of the document proving the identity.


The information about the declarant taxpayerenter your last name, first name, date and place of birth, name of the document proving the identity, its details (series, number, when and by whom issued), full residential address (zip code, province, city, town, street, number Housing, housing, apartment), contact phone number.


In the column "Income received in the RF"the taxpayer specifies tax rate of 13%, writes the full name of the company, which employs, its tax identification number and registration code setting. Selects the income code that corresponds to the payment of wages, and in accordance with the reference 2-PIT enter the amount of income for each month of the six mentioned in this document.


In the column "Deduction" person completing the declaration,choose social tax deductions, then writes the amount of money that it spent on tuition. It must match the receipts or other documents confirming the fact of payment for study.


This declaration is stored on an electronicmedia, as well as printed out in two copies. Declarer writing an application for granting him a social tax deduction, making necessary documents and deliver to the tax authority.

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