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How to fill in a declaration of zero income

How to fill in a declaration of zero income

Even if the entrepreneur applyingsimplified taxation system, there were no revenues in the reporting period (calendar year), he is obliged to submit to the tax office a so-called zero return.

It is possible to form various programs and online services, including free.

However, not difficult also to fill in declaration form on a computer or by hand.



Cover page declaration you fill likeusually by entering into the necessary fields a TIN, the reporting period for which the declaration is available, fiscal year, and others. A good tip when filling most items will provide an explanation in the declaration form. It is advisable to also use the instructions for completing the single tax declaration in connection with the use of the simplified tax system. It is not difficult to find on the Internet, the most reliable source - the sites of the regional offices of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. In your case irrelevant to the fields (eg PPC, which is only for organizations, businesses are not supposed to) put dashes in every cell.


Of greatest interest for this case isthe second page of the declaration, which precisely reflects the income received by owner. But here, the algorithm is simple: in the graphs designed to reflect the income received in the first, second, and third quarters of the year, you put dashes instead of numbers in each cell. The exception is a graph intended for the amount of deductions to non-budgetary funds. These deductions you have to do, regardless of whether or not the income is: this obligation is imposed on you by default to stay in PI status.
Other sections of the Declaration are filled in the same manner as in any other case.


Do not forget to assure the document with his signature. Finished declaration You can send mail to the inspection by securitiesa letter with a list of attachments (and, if desired, for greater reliability - with acknowledgment of receipt, although evidence is sufficient and your copy of the inventory with the postal receipt). You can also include the person declaration the tax and pay the duty in the lobby or in thea special window (depending on the inspection). In this case, it must be printed in two copies, or remove her copy for putting a mark of acceptance.

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