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How to fill out a declaration of income of civil servants

How to fill out a declaration of income of civil servants

Several years in the framework of a complex of anti-corruption measures, all government employees, including certified (ie wearing epaulettes) employees are required to provide a declaration of income.



Providing the income statement not onlyregulated on terms, but also in form. The document was approved by government decree. To fill in the declaration is true, you will need: an income statement on Form 2NDFL during the reporting period (12 months from January to December), the certificate of additional earnings, if any, from all places of work, data on non-core income (assets, allowances, income shares and so on.). For information about this property (certificate of registration), data on vehicles (registration certificate or TCP), bank statements on the status of income on 31.12.2014, including information on the property obligations.


The Declaration consists of five sections. Filling the first section "Information on earnings", enter in column 3 of paragraph 1 of the total earnings in the main job in the 12 months of the reporting year. Paragraph 2 - income from educational activities, paragraph 3, - from research, paragraph 4 - from the creative (it fees). Paragraphs five and seven - be careful - must comply with the information that you specify in the section "Information on cash held in bank accounts," so do not rush to fill these lines. Line 8 - the sum total of all income, include your it only when you are fully confident that took into account all cash flows for the year, including "other income", ie money from the sale of property (car, moped, garage, etc.)


Section "Property Information" to fillthe basis of your right to real property documents. The state is interested not just appearance - an apartment or townhouse, but their area, your share of the property, as well as the address of the location, which, incidentally, is the secret and open sources will not be published. Similarly, fill in section "Vehicles".


The "Information on cash ..." you need to specifythe full name of the bank-custodian of your savings account type and currency, and the date of its opening, the account number (16 or 22 digits), the balance as at 31 December. Write everything, including a penny.


Securities, in theory, have civil servant beshould be, it is contrary to the law "On State Civil Service", however, the relevant section is in the statement of earnings, so you need to specify or "do not have", or to be honest to tell all about the commercial organization, co-owner that you have suddenly become.


Section 5 is filled, if you do not havetheir own homes, and live, for example, the parents. In this case, you need to specify the address, and in the "base use" column write "the actual provision '. Similarly, if you use the garage, cottage, lake, etc.


The sixth section contains information about your obligations, then again need bank statements of your credits. It is necessary to specify to whom and how much you need, when and under what took interest.

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