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How to fill a checkbook


How to fill a checkbook</a>

Withdrawal of monetary funds from the settlement account of the enterprise is made with the help of a checkbook.

Any banking operations involving money, including cashing, are strictly regulated and require identification of the involved persons.

Therefore, the checkbook should be filled with the utmost care and scrupulousness.

Blots, errors and corrections in the check are inadmissible and mean damage to the document.



Each check contains fields forWritten receipt by the recipient. The handwriting and ink color in one check should be the same color. The first field is the "Checker" field, located at the very top of the check. In it the short name of the organization (ИП or Open Company) is supposed.


Amount in the next field? ON ______ R. ___ K.? Is filled with numbers. If there is an empty space after the digits, it should be crossed out with two parallel lines for the entire length.


Fields? Place of issue ?,? Number ?,? Month in words? Are filled accordingly, for example:? Kaluga? 31? July.


In the field? PAY? The surname, name and patronymic of the employee to whom the check is issued shall be indicated in the dative case. The empty space left after the text is also crossed by two parallel lines to the end of the field.


In the field? SUM OF SIGNATURE? With a capital letter the sum of the check is written. Indentation from the beginning of the field is not allowed. The record of the sum is completed with the word "rubles"? Or "kopecks". The remaining empty space is again crossed by two lines.


In the field? SIGNATURES? Signatures of authorized persons of the organization. The first signature usually belongs to the director, the second? To the chief accountant. If the second signature is not provided in the signature sample card, then the signature is placed only by the director.


A stamp of the organization is put in the specially designated place of printing of the drawer. In this case, the seal should not go beyond the boundaries of the intended place.


On the reverse side of the check in the table? Directions of spending of funds with the corresponding amounts for each article are indicated. The last line of the table also shows the first and (if available) second signature of the organization's officials.


Below table? Purpose of expenditure? In the field? The amount specified in this check is received? Puts the signature of the person receiving the money.


Next, the field? Identity identity of the recipient? Is filled in, where the passport data of the employee receiving the check is entered.
Other fields of the check are filled by the bank's employees.

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