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How to fill out a certificate of family composition

How to fill out a certificate of family composition

If necessary, you can easily fill in your own certificate of family composition, using these instructions.

To fill it you will need a blank form and information about living at this address people.

You will need

  • -Let blank-
  • Data on the occupants.



Specify the date of issuance of certificate (arrow 1): day, month (in words) and year. In the field "Issued c." (Arrow 2) fill in the genitive unabridged surname, name and patronymic of the person to whom a certificate is issued. In the field (arrow 3), located under the date of issue, specify the reference number under which it is registered in the log of outgoing correspondence.


The fields marked with arrows 4 and 5 register addressaccording to which this registered family. For example: st. or so forth. Freedom House 34 sq. 8, if the residence is a private house in the "square." Put a dash. In the line "Composition of the family", specify the number of registered persons, the entry should look like the following: registered N (1,2,3 ...) people. Below, enter the line by all family members (arrow 6) and the years of birth and check who they fall owner certificate, for example: Ivanov NT 1980 - daughter. If on the form will remain blank lines, be sure to cross out all of them, write a great letter Z.


Pointing out all the necessary details about the family, goto fill the bottom of reference (arrows 7, 8 and 9). In the "Help is given for the presentation of" enter: on site requirements. The next line shows data about the chief or director of the institution, which issued this certificate. Enter the last name and initials of the chief (director), and if necessary the parcel number. The last line (arrow 9) - "Pasportist", it is necessary to enter the last name and initials pasportista, next to which (or in front of them) have to be his (her) signature. After filling in, go to the head, and confirm the authenticity of the data made branded imprint of printing organization, providing all the necessary documents (house register, residents passports and birth certificates).

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