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How to fill money order

How to fill in the money order

Ease of check books, of course, undeniable, but sometimes to cash a check at the bank - a real test.

Because a single set of rules for their completion does not exist, the following instructions will help you get the most right way to do it.



Fill out the money order only by hand and pasteof blue color. The check in any case should not be corrections, corrections, grammar errors. In the case of amendments to the check you will not accept, because it will be considered invalid.
& nbsp-


Indicates the value of all the details clearly, they have to be read without difficulty. The text details and figures should not go beyond the field set aside for their affixing.


All dates specify when a two-digit format, for example: & nbsp-05 & nbsp-July.


In the first "drawer" column select& Nbsp-name & nbsp-organization or the surname, name, patronymic of the individual entrepreneur & nbsp- & nbsp account-holder. Sometimes the name of the company may be indicated by a stamp. & Nbsp-


Column & nbsp- «Place of issue", specify the name of the city or town in which you serve.
& nbsp-


Next, list the necessary amount& nbsp-words from the beginning of the string without any separators - commas, periods, spaces. If left empty seat, his two draw a line. In the presence of cents, & nbsp-select their numbers. In that case, if the check sum is expressed in whole rubles, instead of cents you can put a double dash or two zeros. & nbsp-


Column & nbsp- «Pay» register name,& nbsp- name and patronymic, which issued money. Write data caps in the dative. It is important not to leave big gaps between words. In the remaining free space of the double line put a dash. & nbsp-


List the necessary amount in the nominative case. It also begin with a capital letter, do not leave any blanks and large spaces. In no case do not cut the word "ruble" and "penny". Free re-select the double line.


Then place the signature without decoding the surname, name and patronymic. & Nbsp-Remember that you do not have to sign the check & nbsp-up to fill all of its details.
& nbsp-


Now put the seal on a special place. His imprint is to be clear and fully correspond to the declared. Also seal must not & nbsp-go to other cash receipt details.


On the reverse side of the check, specify the purpose of the payment amount and reassure signature.
& nbsp-

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