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How to fill in the work book

How to fill in the work book

Work-book requires a careful approach to thefilled as it is the main document that has information about the employment of the employee. Reliable and accuracy of filling in the work book is produced by a person bearing the responsibility.

All entries must be made in accordance with the instruction of the Ministry of Labor.



First, on the front page write surname, first nameand patronymic of the owner of the work book in full, without abbreviations. Immediately enter the date of birth. To fill the work record with no errors, all the dates and the number of prescribed in Arabic numerals. Date indicate in strictly defined: the day, month and then year.


Writing about education make to the title pageonly if there is supporting documentation (diploma, certificate and etc.). In addition to name, date of birth and education, employment record, specify the profession of the owner on the title page.


Put the date of completion of the book, then, is to put his signature to the owner, thus agreeing with the cover sheet data.


After you specify all of the data on the front page on it in addition to the owner's signature must be dated signature of the person responsible for completing the work book and printing organizations.


Filling section? Information about the work?First enter the full name of the host organization to work in the third column, and abbreviated, if it is. Under the name of the organization in the first column put a serial number, and the second date of hiring.


In the third column write the adoption of a certain division of the company with an indication of the position and qualifications.


In the fourth column, specify information about the order in which the employee received, namely, its serial number and the release date.


When dismissing an employee in the first column setthe serial number of the record in the second date of the dismissal, in the third - the reason for dismissal. In order to correctly fill in the work book, the reason for dismissal write without abbreviations, indicating first the immediate dismissal of the cause, and then the article TC, providing the case.


In the fourth box, specify the data about the document, which served as a base employee layoffs, its number and date of creation.

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