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How to fill in the title page of the work book

How to fill out the cover sheet of employment record

Workbook - a form of strict accountability,which contains information about the work, as well as the seniority of the employee. This document is mandatory for employment on a permanent place of work, because in this form the employer will make a variety of information, such as transfer to another position, raising, etc.

It is important to draw the cover sheet, as it is, it contains basic information about the employee.



First, it should be noted that ifemployee previously did not work, the work-book should draw you, since you are the first employer. & Nbsp-Acquire employment records from official distributors, but they recorded a series of numbers and in appropriate instances.


Please fill in the work book ballpoint pen blue or purple. All records must be legible and without errors. Also note that entries are made only in the presence of the employee.


First you must specify the surname, name and patronymicworker according to identity document. Remember that the reduction is not allowed. Be extremely careful when writing data if you make a mistake, you have to write off the work book and start a new one.


Rows below to enter your date of birth in dd format.mm.gggg. Then education, this information shall be made on the basis of the diploma institution or high school diploma. It is not necessary in this line indicate the institution itself, specialty, just write "Higher" or "vocational". If an employee has an incomplete education, on the basis of a certificate from the institution or student ID select "incomplete higher education." On the next line enter the specialty personnel, for example, an engineer.


Then put down the date of the filling and giveemployee work book to check all the data. After that, he must sign. Below you sign, and then seal it with the data in blue round stamp imprint in the place of "MP".


If in the process changed the name of the employee,then you need to make changes on the basis of the relevant document, eg marriage certificate. To this end, cross out the name of the old one level below, and write a new top. Then fill in the base (documents) on the inside of the work book, which was amended to write a post, name and sign.


In that case, when all the blank sheets of scribbled, supplement its liner. Be sure to specify the series and number on the title page of the work book marked "Issued liner."

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