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How to fill out the title page of the work book


How to fill out the title page of the work book</a>

The work book is a form of strict accountability,Which contains information on labor activity, as well as on the experience of the employee. This document is mandatory for employment in a permanent place of work, since it is to this form that the employer will make various information, for example, transfer to another position, promotion, etc.

It is very important to correctly draw up the title page, since it contains the basic information about the employee himself.



First, it should be noted that ifThe employee has never worked anywhere, then you must register the work book, since you are the first employer. & Nbsp-Get labor books from official distributors, only they register the series and numbers in the appropriate authorities.


Fill the workbook with a blue ball pen or a purple handle. All entries must be legible and error-free. Also, note that entries are only made in the presence of the employee.


First you must specify the surname, name and patronymicEmployee according to the document proving the identity. Remember that abbreviations are not allowed. Be extremely careful when writing data, if you make a mistake, the workbook will have to be written off and a new one created.


Below, specify the date of birth in the dd format.Mm.yyyy. Then education, this information is made on the basis of the diploma of the completion of the institution or certificate of secondary education. It is not necessary to indicate in this line the institution itself, the name of the specialty, simply write "higher professional" or "secondary vocational". If the employee has an unfinished education, then on the basis of a certificate from the institution or student card indicate "incomplete higher". On the next line, indicate the specialty of the employee, for example, an engineer.


Then fill in the date and returnWork record book for an employee to verify all data. After that, he must sign. Below you sign, then attach the data with a blue round print in the place of "MP".


If in the process of work the employee changed his name,Then you must make changes on the basis of an appropriate document, for example, a certificate of marriage. To do this, cross out the previous name with one equal line, and write a new one on top. Then on the inside of the work book, enter the grounds (documents), for which the changes were made, write a position, a surname and sign.


In the event that all the sheets of the blank are covered, complete it with a loose leaf. Be sure to indicate his series and number on the title page of the work record book with the note "Issued liner".

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