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How to fill a snow hill


How to fill a snow hill</a>

Skiing with a slide is an excellent winter entertainment in which the whole family can participate.

To slide was slippery enough, smooth, and most importantly, stood all winter, it must be properly poured.

You will need

  • - watering can-
  • - shovel-
  • - putty knife-
  • - a bucket-
  • - latex gloves-
  • - wooden plank.



The hill must not be very steep, idealThe ratio of the height of the slide to the length is one to four. In addition, it is necessary to equip the pullout, it should be one and a half times as long as the hill itself. It also needs to be poured in order for the skating to be easy and smooth.


Before you fill the hill, you need to give itBrew for 2-3 days, so that the frame is fully strengthened and compressed. It is recommended to start the pouring in the frost from -20 degrees, otherwise the hill can "swim. The ideal time for pouring - 7 pm, on the street is unlikely to get warmer, and the hill will quickly freeze.


Wear warm mittens, and over them denselatex gloves. Pour cold water into a regular garden watering can and gently water the slide along the entire perimeter of the ramp, as well as the roll-out site. One watering can not do, because it is necessary that the compressed snow is completely impregnated with water.


After watering from the watering can on the mountain and roll outSmall holes are formed. They need to be sealed until they are frozen, otherwise when riding about a notch it will be possible to tear clothes or scratched.


Put the snow in the bucket and add some water,So that something similar to gruel came out on the consistency. Take a spatula or shovel, and distribute the mass of water and snow in a thin even layer along the entire perimeter of the slope of the hill and roll out. For safety from wet snow, build curbs along the slope 30-40 centimeters high. For a few hours, leave a slide so that it stiffens.


When the roller cools, cover it again. Then a flat board walk along the slope of the hill - it will make it smooth and slippery. After this, it is necessary once again to water the entire slide from the watering can and leave it overnight. The next morning the hill will be ready for skating!

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