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How to fill out a form for a new passport


How to fill out a form for a new passport</a>

There are many intermediary firms that help fill out an application for a foreign passport for a small fee.

But do not go to such organizations, because the tips are contained in the very form of the questionnaire.



Download the application for a foreign passportThe official website of the Federal Migration Service, it is laid out in PDF format. Remember that applications accepted only on a computer or a typewriter are accepted for consideration.


Complete questions 1-5, based on yourOf the passport. Specify name, surname, patronymic and list all the surnames that you had earlier in the second line in the format "Sidorova, 2001, Wedding Palace No. 3, St. Petersburg". If you did not change the name, write "Did not change". Specify the date of birth in the format "April 20, 1981", write the floor with the whole word "male" or "female". If you were born before 1991, designate the "Soviet Union" as your birthplace. In the fifth question, write down the address of the registration in accordance with the data of the internal passport.


Indicate, in questions 6-9, information about yourInternal passport, citizenship and the purpose of obtaining a foreign passport. In question 6, write "Russian Federation". In questions 8 and 9, use hints that are written in small print below the line.


Please provide complete information in questions 10-13The transfer to information of special importance, the involvement of a defendant in court, evasion of the obligations imposed by the court. If you give negative answers to all these questions, write "no, I do not shy away," "no, not convicted."


Fill out the table in the 14 section of the questionnaire. Indicate the names of the organizations where you worked for the past 10 years, and the positions held there. List this information from the last job to the earliest. If in the span of 10 years is studying in the institute or school, write the name of the institution, faculty, specialization.


Write the number of the existing foreign passport, the date of issue in question 15, put the date of filling.


Print out the completed application form on two side sheets. Sign it. Put the seal of the organization where you work, and the signature heading under the table in question 14.

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