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How to fill the questionnaire interesting

Properly completed application form - the key to success

Today the questionnaire filling - not a mere formality, as it was before.

The first impression of you is often formed after reading your blog or page on a dating site.

Our recommendations will help make the profile interesting and memorable.



Write competently. By posting information about themselves, make sure that it was not embarrassing spelling errors. You do not want to gain popularity exclusively from ignoramuses? If you are unsure of your knowledge, use the error-checking online services.


Be concise. It is not necessary to list literally all your hobbies. Suffice it to mention a couple of key. If you have some exotic hobby, for example, breeding gerbils, select it first.


If you do not know what to put in "your boxlife motto "do not fit to platitudes like" Who wants to, he will achieve "or" never lose heart. " Leave this blank, so you add yourself mystery.


But the important information do not have to hide. For example, sex, age and marital status. These data are important, so try not to dissemble, even if you really want.


The most important element of the questionnaire - picture. Resist the temptation to put on public display a picture of a decade ago. It is unlikely that you have not changed since then. Arrange the photo shoot - engrave themselves today in the most favorable perspective and show the world.


By posting photos, remember that it is bettergive up too candid shots. Your colleagues are unlikely to wish to contemplate you in beach clothes, and the boss will not be happy to see in the public domain frivolous photos with a corporate party.


Praise yourself. Suppose that in your profile will be as much positive information, tell us about your family, career achievements, wishes for the future. Show that you are willing to socialize and meet new people, and your love will not leave without attention.

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