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How to fill in cash book


In order to make a record of all cash, which carries out the organization through cash, cash book maintained.

Every experienced accountant knows how to fill in the cash book correctly.

After all, this is a very serious document, which is subject to review by higher authorities.

There is a certain form of the document. He is the so-called form number CA-4. To change this form in any case it is impossible, but there are two ways how to fill it. The organization has the right to choose the option that is more convenient for them.

So, the first way is to fill the cash bookmanually. Book plant for a period of time. The period depends on the number of operations performed by the organization. On all pages of cash book should be a page number. Moreover, it must be made before starting operation. When we know the exact number of sheets, the head and chief accountant certifies their personal signature. Then it is sewn and seal using a wax seal. For this purpose, and mastic seal. With this method of using adhesive, in which the basis is waterglass. Apply this paste twice to eliminate the possibility to pull out the sheet.

When the cash book ready, proceed to its completion

When filling out a book with a vertical arrangementlines, all the information is placed in a single day on one page. The cashbook shows all incoming and consumables. At the end of the day are calculated and displayed the total number of residue. All cashier report is on the following sheet. Both the first and second sheet are numbered identically. Between the sheets put carbon paper and write with a ballpoint pen. The second copy - off. This is the report. It remains in the second register. When the working day is over, the recording is verified. The chief accountant oversees all entries.

The second way to fill in the cash book,It is an electronic method. This option is allowed only to those who have in due course saved cash documents. In this case, the beginning of the day prepared two documents: & laquo-loose-leaf cashbook & raquo- and & laquo-report cashier & raquo-. They must contain all the details. These sheets should be numbered. The report sheets are from the beginning of the year, but at the end of each year, a month, put the total number of sheets. Cashier their check, sign and stitches. So they are in it to the end of the year. At the end of the year are calculated total number of sheets, and the signature of the director and chief accountant.

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