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How to fill in an annual report

How to fill in an annual report

Accounting job requires perseverance and care. Year productive and hard work is over, it would seem, now the rest.

But no.

This is where comes the hard work? preparation of the annual report.

This kind of examination for accountants. The report would be if certain indicators converge.

The annual financial statements include: balance sheet, income statement, statement of changes in equity (form number 3), cash flow statement (form number 4) and the annex to the balance sheet (form number 5).

To associate reporting indicators follow our step by step instructions.



Do not forget that when filling out the form №3, itIndicators should be made not only for the period, but also for the previous two. If the companies do not change took place, the figures indicated in the line 100, will coincide with the figures for the previous year. If there is a discrepancy, you need to find out the cause and indicate this in the explanatory note.


Pay special attention to the section?Help report ?, they reflect data on the amount of net assets of the firm. It is important that these rates were not lower than the cost of the performance share capital. If so, then the firm will reduce these figures to the net assets.


Pay attention to the filling of the mold №4. It is necessary to specify the balance of funds on the company as a whole, while the cash flow should be indicated for each activity.


Transcribe some of the balance indicators in thefilling out the form №5. Only sums of money over the past year should be indicated here. Check to see if the individual balance sheet items coincide with the indicators form №1.


Found explain discrepancies in the explanatory memorandum. She will need during the audit. Note shall consist of three core units:
- Structure of the company, and its core activities,

- Accounting policies

- Factors that have affected the financial and economic operation of the company.

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