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How to fill out the migration card


How to fill out the migration card</a>

Upon arrival in the Russian Federation, all citizensOther states, even those who travel through Russia by transit, must fill out the migration card, regardless of the purpose for which they enter the country and whether they received a visa at the Russian embassy upon departure.

This card is an important migration document, but if you know how to properly fill it, you will not have problems crossing the border.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - a pen-
  • - Migration card form.



Obtain the migration card form. If you fly an airplane somewhere about an hour before landing, they will be handed out by the stewardess, the same if you arrive on the ship. If you cross the border by train, contact the guide and specify where this form can be obtained. When crossing the border by car, contact the border control team.

If you are traveling with children without Russian citizenship, do not forget to take a separate form for them. Parents should fill out the document for children.


The form consists of two parts - A and B - to enter and exit, respectively. Fill them both before passing the border control.


On the reverse side of each part of the form are givenInstructions for filling. Follow them. Start by filling out general information about yourself. Specify your surname, name and patronymic, date of birth, sex, series and number of the document proving the identity, citizenship. You can fill out the document with both black and blue pen.


After that, go to the section dealing with yourEntrance to the Russian Federation. Write down in the form the purpose of the trip, for example, study, work or tourism, the date of entry into Russia and the expected duration of stay. If you travel with a visa, these terms must be within the period for which you are issued a visa. If you are traveling by invitation, specify who it is - the employer, friends. Relatives. For individuals, note the name, first name and patronymic, for organizations - full name and address.


The section "For service marks" should be left blank. It is reserved for border control officers, who must put a confirmatory stamp on the migration card.

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