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How to file for alimony if the marriage was not registered


How to file for alimony if the marriage was not registered</a>

A child born in a civil marriage who is not recognized as his father, in any case is entitled to alimony from him.

If a woman does not manage to agree on the content of the common child with his father, one must resort to judicial assistance.



On the basis of the situation you have personally,Depends on the sequence of filing documents for registration of alimony. More simple steps should be taken if the father of the child has recognized him as his and in the birth certificate of the baby is his signature. Or in case you have a certificate of establishing paternity on your common child.


In that case, you will need your personalOfficial documents, birth certificate of a child, certificate of the family composition, which is taken in the passport office or in the housing office. It will also be necessary to write an application to the name of the magistrate by a certain sample. A sample of such a statement can be taken in any judicial authority.


With this set of documents you are applying at the placeResidence in court. They are registered and after a while your application will be signed after consideration by the court. The court will appoint a man to pay alimony for the child right up to the age of majority.


A more difficult situation, if the father does not recognizeChild, his name is not inscribed in the birth certificate of the baby. In this case, the woman will have to add to the general set of documents, namely, to establish paternity in court. You will need to prove with the help of witnesses, analysis of DNA, correspondence, questionnaires, joint photos and videos that your child is a native father.


Examination of DNA is expensive andPay it will plaintiff. In the event that it is confirmed that the child and the man you are suing for alimony, relatives, the defendant will be obliged to you to make up for the costs of the tests. If the examination is negative, no one will return the money to the plaintiff. With the confirmation of the fact of paternity in relation to the child in court, the man will be paid in full the payment of alimony.

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