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How to file an appeal to the court complaint

How to file an appeal to the court complaint

The cassation complaint is filed to challenge the decision taken by the court, and a retrial.

Also supply the relevant claim made in the case of rejection by the court the defendant's appeal.

You will need

  • - appeal-
  • - Materials-evidence in the case,
  • - Civil Procedural Code of the Russian Federation.



Appeal process involves checking caseand deciding on the judge's decision by a higher court. A complaint may be submitted plaintiff and the defendant, and other persons who participated in the trial, including the prosecutor and the lawyer. Are contested almost any judicial verdicts, except the conclusions made by the magistrate, which have their own appeal process.


The right to submit appeal is valid for tendays after the announcement of the decision by the court or denial of the appeal. The complaint should be sent to the same court, who led the process of the case. Subsequently, members of the judicial bodies to take their own decision on how the matter would be considered in the future.


Make a text of the address by entering the name andCourt address to which you send cassation. Also write your name, surname and patronymic, and the current place of residence or registered address. Below are your complaint and tell why you do not agree with the court decision. If you are well versed in the law, refer to articles that have not been taken into account by the court or violated during his trial. For example, if solved civil dispute, try to be guided by Article 362 CCP RF, which shows the main reasons change or cancel the decision. Write the correct terms of legislation text will help qualified lawyer or attorney.


Apply to appeal all the materials that canbusiness process change and influence the decision in your favor, for example, evidence that had not been previously considered by the court. Pass all the documents in the office of the court and wait for them to review the relevant authority. If your arguments were correct, you will be notified about the resumption of the process in this case.

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