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AS an ad in a newspaper of Ekaterinburg

an ad in the newspaper Yekaterinburg

Nowadays though the latest technology and developed a worldwide network, many are not able to turn to the Internet when necessary to make any deal.

Therefore, placing an advertisement in newspapers in most cases, it makes sense.

Prints offer both paid and free services. In both cases, the target audience of the newspaper cover with potential clients.

Also, the publication can get and random readers who are interested in the ad.



In Yekaterinburg, popular newspapers such as "Fast Courier", "Job in Yekaterinburg", "Hand in Hand Yekaterinburg", "Fair ads - Yekaterinburg" and "Latest advertisements."


A well-composed message - the key to success. The publications take short texts, a maximum of 15 words. This size should write informative text and leave a contact. Headings for the ad are not required. This ad should start with what kind of services are offered - "selling", "buy", "exchange", "seeking", etc.


Post an ad in the newspaper can be urban or mobile phone. card number, receiving ads are written in the newspaper itself or a city guide.


Also, there are special forms forfill ad. Forms can be taken in the newspaper itself, carefully cut with scissors, and collection points advert (unified service announcements, news agencies, shopping centers). Writing capacious, comprising all the necessary information classified, it should send in the mail envelope, specifying the address of the newspaper, to leave in special mailboxes or include in the collection points.


Ad text can be sent to the newspaper fromvia SMS. For example, such practices newspaper "Fair ads - Yekaterinburg". After sending the SMS, you will receive a message that the declaration adopted for publication in the next issue.


You can post your ad in Yekaterinburg and throughthe Internet. Today, all publications have a website. To send the text you need to go to the section "Post Ads" tab and fill in all the fields, select the desired category, add a photo and send. Announcement will be published in the next issue of the newspaper.


Many newspapers offer paid services - allocate your ad in the box, in bold at the top or colored background. Such benefits will help the potential client to notice and be interested in them.

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