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How to submit an advertisement in Ekaterinburg newspaper


To advertise in the newspaper Yekaterinburg</a>

Nowadays, although the latest technologies and a worldwide network are developed, many do not have the opportunity to access the Internet if necessary to make any transaction.

Therefore placing an ad in newspapers in most cases makes sense.

Print publications offer both paid and free services. In both cases, newspapers cover the target audience with potential clients.

Also, the publication can get to random readers who are interested in the announcement.



In Yekaterinburg, newspapers such as "Fast Courier", "Work in Yekaterinburg", "Hand in hand Yekaterinburg", "Fair of announcements - Yekaterinburg" and "Fresh announcements" are popular.


Well-formed announcement is the key to success. The editions accept short texts, a maximum of 15 words. In this size it is necessary to write a meaningful text and leave the contacts. Headers for the ad are not required. The ad should start with what kind of service you offer - "sell", "buy", "exchange", "search", etc.


You can advertise in the newspaper by city or mobile phone. The number of the department accepting ads is written in the newspaper itself or in the city directory.


There are also special forms forFilling the ad. Forms can be taken in the newspaper itself, neatly carved with scissors, and admission points (single ad services, news agencies, shopping centers). Writing a capacious, including all necessary information, an advertisement, it should be sent in a mail envelope, indicating the address of the newspaper, leave it in specialized mailboxes or carry it to reception points.


The text of the ad can be sent to the newspaper withUsing SMS. For example, this practice is the newspaper "Fair of Declarations - Ekaterinburg". After sending SMS, a message will come that the announcement was accepted for publication to the nearest number.


You can also advertise in Yekaterinburgthe Internet. Today all print media have their own website. To send the text you need to go to the "Submit an ad" section, fill in all the tabs and fields, select the desired category, add a photo and send. The announcement will be published in the next issue of the newspaper.


Many newspapers offer paid services - mark the ad in a box, in bold, on top or in a colored background. Such benefits will help a potential client notice and become interested in them.

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