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How to file a lawsuit against an insurance company


How to file a lawsuit against an insurance company</a>

It is not uncommon for an insurance company to refuse to pay money, justifying its actions with the words: "The terms of the contract were not met."

In this case, in order to be able to defend their civil rights, it is necessary to correctly formulate a statement of claim and collect the necessary documents.

You will need

  • - statement of claim-
  • - receipt for payment of state duty-
  • - insurance policy-
  • - receipt for payment of insurance-
  • - car registration-
  • - A copy of the accident report.



Prepare the documents. Their copies will need to be attached to the statement of claim, and take the originals with them to the trial in court. Documents you need: insurance contract (policy) and a receipt confirming payment of insurance, car registration, protocols from the traffic police about the incident.


It is strongly recommended that an independentAn examination that will reveal the cost of repairing a car. If you have already restored the transport, then provide the court accounts and documents for repair. Also make a copy of the application with which you applied to the insurer, and a copy of the document containing the refusal of the insurance company to pay. This is necessary to ensure that the court is convinced that you acted in pre-trial order and tried to resolve the issue peacefully.


Write a statement of claim. In the beginning, indicate the name of the court you are applying to. Then write the information about the plaintiff and the defendant. It is necessary to name: a name, a surname, a patronymic, the address. If the organization is the respondent, then its name and legal registration are written. In the case where the application is made by the representative of the plaintiff, the same data are indicated and a copy of the power of attorney is attached to it and to the application.


Describe the situation that occurred. Tell us that on such a date (indicate the full date), you have entered into an agreement No. (indicate the number) with the insurance company and received an insurance policy as a result (re-enter the number). Note in the statement that the incident occurred with you stipulated by the contract (specify the number of the item). Then write that you have observed all the terms and procedures in the provision of documents to the insurance company to compensate for the damage, but the company refused to comply with the terms of the contract.


After these words, describe your case: Either the company did not pay at all, or did not reimburse the full amount of damage, which was agreed upon when drafting the contract. If additional events occur during the pre-trial time and the circumstances that accompany them, refer to them in the application. Write the amount of damage and make a link to the document that confirms it. Write what the defendant is supposed to pay, and in accordance with which point of the signed insurance contract. Outline the points on your claims (you have the right to demand payment of state fees and attorneys' fees).


Write a list of attached documents and put a date with a signature. Do not forget to pay the state fee: its amount directly depends on the price of the claim.

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