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How to file a complaint with a court


How to file a complaint with a court</a>

To file a complaint with a court, it is necessary to write a statement of claim in the prescribed form and file it with the court at your place of residence.

To write the application you will need the help of a lawyer.

A correctly written statement (complaint) in court is the key to success in your case.



In order to file a complaint with a court, it is necessaryDraw up a statement of claim in court at the place of your residence. The application shall indicate the name of the court where you want to file a complaint, your address data and the address of the defendant. If the complaint is related to the recovery of moral damage from the defendant, then indicate the exact amount in which you assess the claim.


In the text of the application list allCircumstances of the case, which violated your interests and rights. It is advisable to set forth objective facts, supported by evidence, on the basis of which the court could conclude that your rights were indeed violated.


Next, you need to argue the circumstancesStated case from the point of view of law, that is, to present those legal norms on the basis of which you concluded that there was a violation of interests and rights. In the statement of claim, everything should be stated logically and with clarifying explanations, so that the court does not doubt the validity of your claims.


The final part of the application isA statement of precise wording of the claim with the use of legal terms, transfer of applications that you submit to the court at the same time as the suit. The statement of claim ends with a list of all applications, the date and the signature of the plaintiff.


For a competent statement, inAvoid mistakes, we recommend that you contact a lawyer, whom you have chosen to protect your interests in court. Many plaintiffs believe that by making a statement on their own, they will significantly save on the cost of the services of a lawyer. Absolutely not thinking about whether it would be easy for a lawyer to understand all the intricacies of the case on the basis of an illiterate written statement. Professionally written statement? It is the guarantor of his court's admission to the production and initiation of a civil case.

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