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Combating mildew


Powdery mildew is the most common andMalicious disease of currant and gooseberry. It greatly affects and depresses plants, thereby reducing the yield of berries. The disease begins to manifest, usually in June-early July and affects young leaves.

Combating mildew

On their lower side appears a white coating, theyAs if sprinkled with flour. This is a controversial disease of the fungus. There are many ways to combat powdery mildew, but the most effective is spraying bushes with boiling water. In the early spring, when the snow comes down, and the currant buds have not yet woken up and have not opened, in a large container the water is heated to a boil. Then boiling water immediately poured into the watering can and evenly sprayed bushes. One medium fruiting bush consumes a full watering can of boiling water. Bushes should be sprayed carefully, so that drops of boiling water hit every twig from top to bottom.

There is one peculiarity: The bush should be sprayed at the same time. If it even seems that not all the shoots are soaked with boiling water, the repeated sprinkling is no longer acceptable. The fact is that the steep boiling water, burning and killing all pathogenic spores of the fungus on the surface of shoots, branches, buds, quickly cools, giving off heat. If you spray the warmed bush repeatedly, you can ruin all the kidneys.

For the convenience of spraying and enhancingThe efficiency of the bushes can be tied with twine so that in the diameter it has 60-70 cm. If the bushes are not yet released from the tight winter harness, then on the contrary, it is better to dissolve them somewhat.

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