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FICUS: treat or transplant?


How to transplant the ficus</a>

In adult ficuses a lot of problems: these are possible pests, diseases, the pot has become small ...

Often when looking at a dying plant and it is not clear what to do with it and how to treat it.

Usually, that the flower of the house does not wither, it is recommended to transplant it.

But, on the other hand, it's the ficus that does not like transplanting. What to do?

Let's try to figure it out together.

If your ficus is withered, you should first examine itIt for pests. Usually they settle on the inside of the leaves and in the sinuses, sometimes on the trunk. Any "objects", be it boxes, sticks or circles, are a cause for concern. Then the ficus needs to be shown to a specialist or to look for information on the Internet at specialized forums.

Before starting treatment, you can wash the leaves of the ficusWarm boiled water, after sprinkling with epine according to the instructions. Usually 5-7 drops per 200 g of water are enough. Epin, of course, does not kill pests and does not cure diseases, but he raises the general immunity of plants and is good as a preventive measure.

Another reason that Ficus "surrenders" is badconditions of detention. In principle, a ficus is an unpretentious plant, but it does not tolerate heat and if it is poured. In the bottom of the pot must be a drainage hole.

Ficus should be transplanted at least once a year. To do this, take the pot 7-8 centimeters wider in diameter and 10 centimeters more in height, the material does not matter. First, pour the drainage in the pot 3-4 cm. Remove the ficus from the old pot, shake the ground, remove the rotten roots, slice off the pounded (can be activated) charcoal. Check for larvae or eggs of earthworms, especially if there is at least one in the old pot. Place the ficus in a new pot and pour the fresh earth to its previous level.

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