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Fertilizers for potted plants

Fertilizers for plants in pots

Cascade flowers on the terrace or the mall? It's simple ! Feed the plants in their pots suitable fertilizers. To create profuse and extended flowering roots must obtain mineral elements and trace elements, including potassium and phosphorus.

The land in the pot quickly skudeet.

It must be constantly enriched. If you do not have the ground when landing the slow decomposition of the fertilizer, you need to feed your green friends

1. Selection of fertilizers

Many traditional fertilizers containtrace elements, which are directly assimilated by plants. On the contrary, full of organic fertilizers stimulate soil micro-organisms to the separation of elements in accordance with the needs of plants. Check on the packaging printing company, to authorize the use of the product in organic farming.

2. Fertilize regularly

Geranium, petunia, verbena ... Most floweringplants grown in pots require regular feeding throughout the summer: once a week. Some plants are less demanding (sage, gazania, dipladeniya), others, such as bougainvillea do not need fertilizing. And some plants have specific needs potrebnosti- hibiscus fertilizer, poor in phosphorus.

3. To make an exact dose.

Of course you can not make too much fertilizer as they accumulate in the soil. Observe the exact dosage specified on the package

4. The right to good fertilizer plant

Fertilizing is very important, but notless important to pick them up. Plants with beautiful foliage (Coleus, sweet potatoes ...) require nitrogen fertilizer, while plants with flowers and fruits prefer rich in phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.

5. Never dry land

Make liquid fertilizer on the damp ground. In dry soil fertilizer poorly absorbed by the roots.

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