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FENG SHUI children's room

Feng Shui children's room

Responsibly attributed to the organization of the space of the room for the baby, you posposobstvuete its harmonious development.

If possible, select the kid a separate room, where it will be his own special world. The child learns independence, maintaining order in his room.

Carefully choose a color scheme for the nursery, consider its arrangement.

The faithful approach to the implementation of these tasks will be the key to energy renovation Qi, its positive impact on the development of your child.



Place the baby near the entrance to the apartment. This, according to the practice of Feng Shui comes active energy Qi. It was here that she collects, providing a beneficial effect.


Colors child soak in a singlestyle. But be sure to divide it into separate color zones. Sleeps sector Choose soothing colors for the training zone - neutral. With bright, cheerful colors Arrange play space.


Choose the color saturation and depending onchild's character. If it is active, active, prefer calm tones. Room sedentary kid decorate with bright colors. But in any case, the children's room should be well lit. Needed and the central light source, and a desk lamp.


Choosing furniture for the nursery, limitthe necessary pieces of furniture. Do not clutter the space with unnecessary elements, give up wall cabinets, heavy shelves. The center of the room, leave a free, filling out the play area here.

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