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FEN-SHUI children's room


Responsible to the organization of the room space for the child, you will contribute to its harmonious development.

If possible, give the child a separate room, where there will be his own, special world. The child will learn independence, maintaining order in his room.

Carefully choose the color design for the nursery, think over its arrangement.

A correct approach to the fulfillment of these tasks will become a pledge of the renewal of Qi energy, its positive impact on the development of your child.



Arrange the nursery near the entrance to the apartment. Here, according to the practice of Feng Shui, the active energy of Qi comes in. It is here that it accumulates, having a beneficial effect.


Color registration of children in a singleStyle. But be sure to divide it into separate color zones. For the sector of sleep, choose calm tones, for the training zone - neutral. With the help of bright, cheerful shades, decorate the playing space.


Choose the color saturation and, depending on theCharacter of the child. If he is mobile, active, give preference to calm tones. The room of a sedentary kid is decorated with bright colors. But in any case, the nursery should be well lit. Both a central light source and a table lamp are needed.


Choosing furniture for children, limitNecessary furnishings. Do not clutter up space with unnecessary elements, refuse from hinged cabinets, heavy shelves. Leave the center of the room free, having issued a play area here.

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