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Feng Shui and mobile phone

Mobile phone must conform to the rules of feng shui

At first glance it may seem that the means of communication and Feng Shui - incompatible things.

But the mobile phone is an important carrier of information, which might affect it and change for the better or the worse.

Because in Feng Shui, there are requirements to help protect yourself from negativity and attract good luck.

The appearance of a mobile phone, according to feng shui,It is of great importance. For example, a square shape represents the element earth, which corresponds to education. These phones are suitable for students and people seeking to acquire knowledge. The rectangular shape of the phone on the Feng Shui refers to the wood element, it is conducive to communicate with family members. The semi-circular corners symbolize the metal that protects creative people.

Unfavorable not only cracks and chips on the body of the phone, but an extra, unnecessary information stored in its memory.

Relates to a mobile phone should be respected, as well as to any other thing. Do not leave it on the floor, because it is believed that this leads to losses.

As a screen saver, the screen can set the hieroglyph meaning happiness, good luck and wealth. The wallpaper can be used as trehlapy toad, lotus flower and a goldfish.

To make the mobile phone in the style of feng shuinot fit each melody. For example, current hits as well as music in the style of rock draws in life harmony and positive. Favorable ringtones will melodic sound of metal bells or "wind chimes".

It is important that the balance of funds on the phone did not fall below zero.

The sum of digits of mobile phone numbers is alsoimportant. For example, eight symbolizes the matter by phone with the sum of digits of 8 positive to talk about business. Six - a symbol of love. Accordingly, discussions on this topic will be successful.

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