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Feel beautiful!

Most women are critical of their appearance. It's hard to find a single woman who is always happy with how she looks.

However, if one of the fairsex dissatisfaction passes quickly, others are so accustomed to look in the mirror with disappointment that eventually completely cease to notice its beauty.

If this applies to you, an urgent need to learn to feel beautiful!



To do this, you need to start to get rid ofhabit to compare themselves to other women, especially those who look at us from the covers of magazines, showing off their charms thoroughly correct. It is similar to all the famous beauties impossible and not necessary. All recognized beauties on the cover of famous in the first place, thanks to its individuality. So try not to imitate the famous photo model, or your neighbor, who has no end of men. This applies both to the exterior and to the success of other women. No need to worry about the fact that her friend is married for the third time, and you just can not reach the registrar at least the first time. Understand that each person lives his own life.


Try to ignore his dignityappearance and disadvantages to consider his "highlight". Many women are accustomed to overreact to their shortcomings, almost oblivious to the merits. The owner of fine hair feels unattractive due to too short legs. The owner of the excellent figures of suffering due to the fact that she had irregularly shaped ears. Someone feels too thick, someone - too thin. And even if it is - the one and only the lack of them, women would consider myself ugly as concentrate on it. And after her at this disadvantage will pay attention to the surrounding, which are sensitive to our thoughts about yourself. Therefore, pay attention only on its own merits.


Stop assort themselves by dashes. Even if it is your opinion that the hands and the hair you have failed, and the feet and the eyes are quite good, the truth. But the beauty - it is the whole image, and feeling beautiful you need to love yourself in a handsome features, as well as those who, in your opinion, have failed. Tell yourself that objectionable traits you - part of you, and for this reason they are beautiful.


Love yourself. Every day in the mirror tell yourself that you are beautiful - the whole, entirely, without exception. Take in everything that previously rejected, and you just can not feel ugly.

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