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How to feel beautiful


Feel beautiful!</a>

Most women are critical of their appearance. It is difficult to find even one woman who is always happy with the way she looks.

However, if some of the beautiful womenSex dissatisfaction with itself quickly passes, others are so used to look in the mirror with disappointment that in time they completely cease to notice their beauty.

If this applies to you, you need to urgently learn to feel beautiful!



To do this, you need to get out firstA habit of comparing ourselves with other women, especially those who look at us from the covers of magazines, demonstrating their carefully adjusted delights. It's impossible to be like all the famous beauties, and it's not necessary. All recognized beauties from the covers are famous, first of all, due to their individuality. Therefore do not try to imitate the famous model or your neighbor, who does not have a rebuff from the men. This applies to both appearance and success of other women. Do not worry about the fact that the girlfriend is married for the third time, and you still can not get to the registry office at least for the first time. Understand that every person lives his own life.


Try to notice the dignity of yourAppearance, and the shortcomings consider their "zest". Many women are accustomed to react sharply to their shortcomings, almost without noticing the merits. The owner of fine hair considers herself unattractive because of short legs. The owner of an excellent figure suffers from the fact that her ears are irregularly shaped. Someone considers himself too fat, someone - too thin. And even if this is their only drawback, women will consider themselves ugly, because they concentrate on it. And after her on this drawback will pay attention and others who are sensitive to our thoughts about themselves. So pay attention only to your own dignity.


Stop analyzing yourself by dashes. Even if your opinion that your hands and hair have not worked well, and your legs and eyes are quite good, it corresponds to the truth. But beauty is a whole image, and for feeling beautiful you need to love in yourself as beautiful features, and those that, in your opinion, failed. Tell yourself that disliked features are part of you, and that's why they are beautiful.


Love yourself. Every day before the mirror, tell yourself that you are beautiful - all, entirely, without exception. Accept in yourself everything that was rejected before, and you just can not feel ugly.

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