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FEATURES winter makeup

Features makeup winter

Winter brings his orders in all, even in our cosmetics. In winter, the change should be not only a series of skin care products, but also to some cosmetics.

Pay special attention to the tonal resources and lipsticks.

These funds are in the winter should be different in composition, to be creamy and moisturizing.

You will need

  • - moisturizing cream
  • - Tonal basis
  • - powder
  • - rouge
  • - shadows
  • - pencil
  • - waterproof mascara
  • - Moisturizing lipstick



Choose a tonal basis. In winter, the skin becomes more sensitive. Not the best way in the condition of the skin affected by wind, rain, snow, low temperature. And the fiery batteries make the skin dry and irritable.
Apply makeup necessarily prepared skin. Moisturizing cream is applied to the face and neck. After 10 minutes, remove the remnants of the cream with a napkin. Ideally, put more and a base for make-up, but this is not mandatory. The more layers, the skin is well protected from the weather. Now we proceed to the choice of tonal resources of the winter. Choose only hydrating, creamy tonal foundation. it will only make your skin smooth and beautiful. Summer version - liquid foundation base does not fit. Most likely, it does not lie exactly in some places will be shelled.
Please note, if you do not keep your tan in the solarium, then it is better to buy a tonal foundation one tone lighter than the one you usually use. The skin becomes paler in winter.
Blush is also necessary to change the tone of a tonal tool - a softer tone.


Winter eye makeup. Under the skin around the eyes, apply a moisturizer. Purchase a moisturizing concealer. If the skin of the eyelids become sensitive, it is better to use a cream shade, they will not be added to dry skin century. If you spend much time outdoors, then your regular mascara is better to replace the water-resistance. Thus, you will avoid unpleasant prints lashes on the eyelid, from wet snow. Shadows should choose winter calm shades.


Winter make-up lips. Lips in the winter requires special care. Before applying lipstick on her lips, apply chapstick, or a special moisturizer. From the glitz and resistant lipstick is better to refuse. Use a moisturizing lipstick is much nicer. Do not forget the night to put on the lips special agent for the lips, if not this, then suitable olive oil or cream, wrought thick. On the lips I will be moisturized morning. Lipstick will stay up perfectly.

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