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FEATURES petiolar growing celery

Features of growing celery petiolar

Stemmed celery imposes the same requirements for growing conditions, as well as his brother - celeriac.

But there are some nuances, they should be considered to obtain a guaranteed harvest nutritious stalks.



Sprouts stemmed species can be grownsingle box, container, without resorting to swordplay. We need only observe the distance between the seedlings, 5x5 cm, to ensure proper development of the plant without crowding.


Stemmed celery loves humus, humussoil. This is the culture under which it is possible to make fresh manure. If not, use a garden compost for 1 square meter of the beds add up to 8 kg of organic matter. Large juicy tender petioles obtained from strong plants. Therefore, it is important that celery has developed rapidly, without delay, at all stages, from germination. With slow growth, celery plant support additional mineral nutrition several times during the growing season.


The most important distinguishing "whim" petiolarCelery - a regular watering. It is necessary to remember, if you wish to receive a quality product. Plants with a lack of moisture form the hard whisker and fibrous stalks. After watering or rain, every time it is necessary to proryhlit ground around each plant to the roots to breathe.


Leaves petiolar celery, in contrast to the root forms, can be cut off for a meal. But do not bare all the socket, 2-3 leaves per plant can be safely used if desired.

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