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FEATURES opening a beauty salon

Features of opening a beauty salon

Own Beauty Salon - business, which many women dream almost since childhood. Beauty - always demanded product.

We only need to find a suitable property, make repairs, hire artists, and clients will always be.

But some beauty salons are popular, and some all day empty.

On what does the success of the salon?

It is necessary to become familiar with the opening of its beauty, so as not to face failure.

Is it profitable to open a beauty salon

Shop with the right approach can be a lucrative business. So, if you decide to open a beauty salon, then you have a question - how much this thing cost? Calculate it simply:

- Premises rental and repair (if required) -

- Check your dela-

- Help from the firefighters, SES

- The acquisition of the necessary equipment,

- Contracts for the disposal of special waste (hair, tanning lamps, syringes and igly-

- Wages for sotrudnikov-

- Competent advertising.

Even if all you can afford, consider - newSalon from the first months did not turn a profit. You must be a supply of money, do not count the money "back to back". Load the financial foundation for at least a year.

Profitable or not - depends only on your approach to business.

What you need to consider

1. Decide with your salon clients. Perform detailed market research in the area where you want to open your restaurant. In drawing up the business plan will place a net profit of not less than 30% with each service. Prospective customers should afford to pay for their visits to you.

2. Podyschu right place. The main thing in any salon - cleanliness and convenience. You can even open your salon franchise. The advantages are obvious: you buy ready-made brand that has established itself in the market of beauty services, in addition, the franchise company will provide you with equipment, interior design. Yes, and advertising costs are negligible. But there is a drawback: the lack of freedom of creativity. You have to follow the contractual policy of the company, and the value of the franchise is not everyone can afford.

3. Hardware - this is your next step. Do not buy cheap phones, if you doubt the demand for some services, take the equipment rental.

4. Employees. People conveniently held in one place a range of services, so that at each site must be professional. Try to keep the interest in cooperation with professional artists.

Beauty Industry - a place of constant self-improvement. This is a great opportunity to grow with the business, to bring joy to its customers.

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