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Features of cultivation of jasmine

Features jasmine cultivation

Jasmine is used for vertical landscaping of winter gardens, and as a potting culture.

There are several features of cultivation of this plant, which should definitely available, if you choose to grow at home or in the garden of jasmine flowers.

Jasmine grows faster in bright places. It requires regular spraying and fertilizer makeup.
If you put jasmine in alkaline neutral soils, the plant will grow poorly, slowly bloom.
Flowers jasmine considered excellentflavoring agents, precisely because of this, they are an integral part of decent tea. A oriental medicine considers the roots of jasmine good anesthetic, so it is prescribed to patients from the operating departments.
Often jasmine is grown at the expense of special lamps. It takes this process a total of sixteen hours.
This shrub is required to keep in the lighta place that provided plenty of fresh air. In winter, the air temperature must be not less than sixteen degrees, but not more than eighteen. Incidentally, jasmine is very poorly tolerate direct sunlight, so do not expose them to the plant. In summer, the soil should be slightly moist.
Jasmine propagated by cuttings semilignified. At the time of planting, the humidity must be seventy-five percent. Plant takes root in about half an hour.

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