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PECULIARITIES of growing jasmine


Features of growing jasmine</a>

Jasmine is used for vertical gardening of winter gardens, and as a pot culture.

There are several characteristics of the cultivation of this plant, which must be familiarized with, if you decide to grow jasmine flowers at home or in the garden.

Jasmine grows faster in brightly lit places. He needs regular spraying, as well as fertilizing with fertilizers.
If you plant jasmine in alkaline neutral soils, then the plant will grow poorly, slowly bloom.
Jasmine flowers are recognized as excellentAromatizing agents, because of this they are an integral part of a decent tea party. And eastern medicine considers the roots of jasmine a good analgesic, so it is prescribed to patients from the operating rooms.
Jasmine is often grown at the expense of special lamps. It takes this process only sixteen hours.
This bush is required to be kept inA place that is provided with plenty of fresh air. In winter, the temperature should be at least sixteen degrees, but not above eighteen. By the way, jasmine very badly tolerates direct sunlight, so protect the plant from them. In summer the soil should remain slightly moist.
Jasmine reproduces due to half-aged cuttings. At the time of landing, the air humidity should be seventy-five percent. Rooted plant for about half an hour.

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