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Features of cultivation of Echinacea

Features of cultivation of Echinacea

Echinacea called unpretentious beauty.

This charming flower can adapt to almost any environment, but he is always pleased to have abundant flowering echinacea should create certain conditions for growth.



Pick the right place for Echinaceaflower garden. The plant grows well in the lighted area. He needs sredneuvlazhnennaya and slightly alkaline soil, so if the land is fat, it is necessary to add a little clean sand, a small amount of lime and place a drainage layer in front of the flower planting.


Echinacea can be grown from seed. Prepare the soil. Dig it, make a hole depth of approximately 5 cm. At the bottom lay drainage if water stagnates on the site. Pour in a little sand holes and sow the seeds of Echinacea. Fill their nutrient soil and pour. Seedlings should appear within 2-3 weeks, and seedlings bloom the second year after planting.


Florists believe that the easier waycultivation of Echinacea - a division of rhizomes. This should be done in the spring, in the first decade of May. The plant is dug up and divide the roots of acute shovel into several parts, which should be at least 3-5 buds.


Planted them in a deep enough hole at a distance of 25 cm from each other, as echinacea in a few years will escalate rather large Curtain and need space for this flower.


To prolong flowering, the faded heads Echinacea immediately remove, and after it is fully bud, cut all the stalks, leaving the stumps height of about 10 cm.


In areas where there is enough snow in the winter,additionally cover echinacea is not necessary. Otherwise, it should cover the dry leaves, straw or spruce branches, especially necessary for young and varietal plants.

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