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FEATURES marketing partnerships

Features of marketing partnerships

The types of business partnerships are not so little: franchising, joint ventures, leasing, etc. Each form has its own characteristics of relations, the sphere of activity.

However, the mutual desire of the parties benefit from the co-operation is the same for everyone.

Therefore, the need to know the basics of marketing partnerships, with which you can carry out the formation of connections between in the direction of the company, which will be beneficial for both partners.

Fundamentals of marketing partnerships (IGOs)

Marketing partnerships recognizes the principlestandard marketing - to determine the customer needs, meet them better than the competition. But there is its own distinctive features. These differences, which are assembled together, can completely change the company's approach to building partnerships from manufactured goods to its structural organization.

Here are the main features that characterize marketing partnerships:

1. The desire to create new value for customers, to continue to distribute them between the consumers and producers.

2. Recognizing the key role of the customer to determine the value. MPS offers to work together to create value. The value of produce with customers, rather than to the firm increased its revenues thanks to the realization of this value.

3. Assumes long-term work with the buyer sellers. Proceeds this work should be in real time.

4. The company must follow the business strategy. It is obliged to harmonize business processes, technology, training of employees, communication to produce values ​​that are desirable to the buyer.

5. Permanent buyer should be valued higher than an individual consumer, which changes with each transaction of its partners. The firm must make a bet etiquette partnerships in their regular customers, striving for a closer relationship with them.

By analyzing the distinctive features of the MPO, it is clear that this approach implies compliance with the special ethics of partnership, which is required for any long-term cooperation.

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